State Senator, State Representative, County Commissioner
State Senator, State Representative, County Commissioner 

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Peggy Palmer retires from public service after 20 years of serving the 77th District, 16th District and District 2 of Kansas.  Her last day as County Commissioner was Tuesday, January 3, 2017.   Also, a tribute was read by Commissioner Myers, recognizing her public service as State Representative, State Senator and County Commissioner.  Thanks Ed...

State Senator 4 Years

As a three term State Representative from the 77th District, four years as State Senator of the 16th district, and as six years as a Butler County Commissioner from District 2, my agenda has always been to represent the "Constituents" of my district with Integrity and honor!   My intentions of representing you were very simple.. Whatever level I was representing, state, county or city, I always fought for reduce spending,  property rights and family values!



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State Representative 6 years

Today, spending and government are out of control.  We are electing people on all levels of government that listen to their administrators, city managers, superintendents, and other HIRED employees who always want more and more money for their projects and employees.  This has to stop, or all levels of government will bankrupt themselves and the people that pay the bills.




County Commissioner 7 years

I will officially end my public service at the end of 2016 after serving as your County Commissioner, State Senator and State Representative.  That doesn't end our fight for reduced taxes, less government and family values.  It increases my personal intensities to pursue those in office that shouldn't be elected,  and to research and recommend strong candidates  with interigrity and the ability to listen to YOU.  If a candidate doesn't offer "Transparency and Accountability" they should not be representing you in any form.  


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